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Specialised, well-equipped classrooms serve the instruction of practical artistic disciplines, the goal of which is the gradual evolution of the creative potential of students, aimed at authentic personal expression. For teaching Drawing and Painting there are not only spacious ateliers available, but also open air courses. In addition to dry point, etching, aquatint and lithography techniques, the Graphic Arts workshop also offers the possibility of making use of computer graphics and digital print. The Sculpting atelier, which has shops for woodworking and plaster casting, makes possible work in a broad spectrum of materials and settings, both standard and new. The area of Applied Arts has exceptional facilities, with a wide range of interdisciplinary, material, technical and technological possibilities in independent ateliers for Metalworking and Jewellery, Textiles and Ceramics. The Ceramics atelier also has an external wood-fired kiln. In the ateliers of Graphic Design, classical and digital Photography and Inter-media—in which instruction goes also into the areas of conceptual and action art—students can, in addition to traditional approaches and techniques, take advantage of the wide spectrum of new digital media. Art Theory and History and Art Education Theory have at their disposal classrooms with multimedia equipment, a reference library, professional field trips and teaching internships. Diverse forms of teaching make possible a wide interdisciplinary and critically-aimed overview in the area of art culture and familiarity with up-to-date art education methods and approaches, thus creating the prerequisite for practical application of experience gained and lessons learned in the ever-changing contemporary pedagogical context.